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Tue Jun 28


Been awhile…

Hey people! So I am gonna make this short and sweet, but not without typos (typing on a damn iPhone is not my idea of a good time)…

Me and the Black Widows have been hard at work getting everything together for our new record to be released on Dangerbird Records and it will be coming out on August 30th!!! We are so damn proud and excited for this collection of music written by me and the band, and we can’t wait for your tiny little ears to be filled with it.

The first song you will be hearing from it is a song called “Summer of ‘89” and it is a scorcher! Hope you enjoy it as much as we have recording it, and just so ya know, the whole record is live show tested and approved. You’re gonna party. I promise. If you love Justin Bieber… Then you will hate this probably.. But hey, can’t please everybody!

Enjoy your summer and drink one back for us.

Butch & the Black Widows

p.s. Thanks to the kind folks at Tumblr for premiering the song!

GAHHHHHHH DIEING TOO MUCH HAPPINESS…. so i’ll just play this video on repeat til i can buy it on itunes and listen to it constantly til the cd comes out… lol ….jk not that obsessed *shifty eyes*

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